How To Get Your Spouse To Love You Again

Like the seasons, love in a relationship grows and wanes. One of the most common myths in marriages is the belief that when the love wanes the relationship is over. It’s not. If your spouse says ‘I have fallen out of love with you,’ don’t panic. It doesn’t mean your

What Does Not Kill Us

It is a sad reality that no one goes through life without being wounded in some way by one’s experiences. Sometimes our sufferings reach a point where we ask the question, ‘why me?’ We see those around us who are untouched and unscathed, and we feel angry that we have

Lovin An Illusion

We often tend to expect positive traits in a person whom we find attractive. This is why sometimes we only see what we wish to see in an individual. We imagine admirable characteristics simply because of the physical attraction we feel. However, it is entirely possible that our biases may

Knowing The Secrets People Keep

We yearn for the truth about things that can affect us. We seek it. We crave it. It is part of our programming as human beings. This desire to know springs from the necessity to feel safe and secure. We are driven by the need for certainty and what may

How To Overcome Codependency In Your Marriage

Are you married to an addict or someone with deep personal issues? Is your marriage or family life going through a difficult time because of problems, financial concerns, abuse, or caring for a physically or emotionally handicapped family member? If so, do you find yourself making excuses for these issues?

How To Defeat Enduring Misery

The beginning of self-awareness is believed to be linked to the earliest moments of our life when we initially respond to our name or when we first see a reflection of ourselves. The notion of a self-concept develops in us from that instant. Interestingly, once our awareness of self is

Are You An Enabler?

All of us desire acceptance. Our friends seek us out because they know we make them feel accepted. The dynamics of friendship require that we remain nonjudgmental towards one another. But what do we do when our friend shares with us that he is doing something ethically questionable? Should we

Taking Away The Power Of Fear

What keeps us awake at night? What fears haunt us? What nightmares visit us over and over?   Worrying about things that are important to us is a normal experience. But when do we know when it has gone too far? We worry because we desire things to go our

Breaking The Cycle Of Mistakes

It is an undeniable truth that we often create our own problems. We make the wrong choices. We suffer from the consequences of impulsive decisions. We lament the judgment calls we make when we let our emotions have free rein. When the end result of our decision displeases us, that’s

Love’s Broken Plans

You dream. You hope. You envision goals. You even devise a strategy towards their accomplishment. And you carefully execute these plans you have made. But every now and then one’s expectations will come to a disappointing conclusion. Because no matter how careful and patient you are, sometimes things don’t go

That’s Odd! – 8 Stories About The Funniest Things Kids Would Do

If you’re a fan of How I Met Your Mother, you’ll know the game they used to play called Drunk or Kid, where they would tell their friends one of the weirdest things they’ve ever done in their life while their friends figure out if they did it while they

Overcoming Doubt

The one true threat to the longevity of a relationship is doubt. Trust is the foundation without which a relationship cannot exist. Doubt is the absence of trust. Whether or not there is a reason to doubt your partner’s fidelity, the end result is the same. Once there is doubt,

Avoiding Closeness

Why is it that we sometimes feel reluctant to become close to others? There are those of us who avoid closeness because we do not wish to need people. Others keep their distance because they are hesitant to trust and to have that trust broken. Some do not want to

The Endless Flow Of Ink

This past week I had my yearly visit with my doctor. Believe me, it was no vacation but it did vacate the cash in my wallet. It was not the loss I needed at the time. It is amazing about my doctor. He knows the exact cash I have in

I Didn’t Win $750 Million

During a recent lottery shindig, everybody was watching to see who was going to win all that money. Even I got all caught up in the excitement and was on the edge of my seat too. “Why,” the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage said, “are you so interested in that

The Right Time To Forgive

An unexpected affront by someone we know, someone we trust or someone we hold dear inflicts upon us severe emotional pain. The closer the person is to us, the more painful we perceive the offense to be. For it is a fact that strangers cannot hurt us, only loved ones

What Are You Running Away From?

Take a good look at your life now. Is there anything that you are trying to avoid dealing with? Your work? Your responsibilities? Your relationships? Your singlehood if you are single? Your deteriorating health? Your poor dietary habits? Your poor exercise regime? Your negative financial status? Your goals? Your aspirations?

I Don’t Care Who Was Before Me, As Long As I Know There’s Nobody During Me.

I don’t care who was before me, as long as I know there’s nobody during me. If the feelings are mutual the effort will be equal. We all have that one person that we wasted just too much time on. Never beg someone to be in your life. if your

Your Plans vs. Universe’s Plans For You

Some of us may have a simple plan on where we wish to go, how we wish our life to be. But sometimes the universe has different plans for us instead. Life isn’t meant to be a straight road, but a journey of ups and downs. And if you ask

7 Stigmas Surrounding Singles (Including “Your Expectations Are Too High”)

Almost 4 years ago, I was at a London pub with an acquaintance-friend, just hanging out. We were talking about relationships (both of us were single), and he asked me how many relationships I had been in before. I was 27 then. “None,” I said earnestly. His face paled. “…None?”