What Are You Running Away From?

Take a good look at your life now. Is there anything that you are trying to avoid dealing with? Your work? Your responsibilities? Your relationships? Your singlehood if you are single? Your deteriorating health? Your poor dietary habits? Your poor exercise regime? Your negative financial status? Your goals? Your aspirations?

Your Plans vs. Universe’s Plans For You

Some of us may have a simple plan on where we wish to go, how we wish our life to be. But sometimes the universe has different plans for us instead. Life isn’t meant to be a straight road, but a journey of ups and downs. And if you ask

7 Stigmas Surrounding Singles (Including “Your Expectations Are Too High”)

Almost 4 years ago, I was at a London pub with an acquaintance-friend, just hanging out. We were talking about relationships (both of us were single), and he asked me how many relationships I had been in before. I was 27 then. “None,” I said earnestly. His face paled. “…None?”